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Bulk up and hit the gym hard to impress the Judges with perfect muscles.

What does a Bodybuilder do?

There are as many as 850 muscles in the human body. And when you’re a Bodybuilder, all of them are big! Although you can’t stop a locomotive or play shot put with a house, you nonetheless have super strength, and you use it to compete in bodybuilding contests, during which you display your body in front of an audience of Judges who rate and rank you based on your appearance.

Unlike Strongman competitions, which involve feats of strength and agility, competitions for Bodybuilders are all about aesthetics. They, therefore, consist of several posing rounds, during which you must perform a series of poses designed to highlight certain muscle groups, such as your arms, back, or chest. Alongside other Bodybuilders in your weight class, you strive to demonstrate perfect symmetry, as Judges will be critiquing the size, definition, and proportion of your muscle groups in relation to each other, as well as your overall physique.

Of course, competitions are only one part of your job. A much larger part is preparing for them, which requires spending your days focused on nutrition (taking supplements and scheduling, preparing, and eating muscle-building meals), exercise (doing cardio and lifting weights in order to burn fat and build muscle), and grooming (tanning, hair removal, and body oil are routine).

Because competitions aren’t always enough to pay the bills, you often supplement them with other opportunities, such as fitness modeling, public speaking, and endorsements. Whether you’re on stage or in the gym, however, you see your body as a temple, and you’ve dedicated your life to kneeling at its altar!

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