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Body Piercer



Prepare you clients' bodies to be adorned with stainless-steel jewelry

What does a Body Piercer do?

Body piercing has been around forever. In some cultures, tongue and belly button rings show off a person’s marital or economic status. In others, ear and nose piercings are considered the highest form of beauty. Body Piercers put rings or studs of different sizes and styles into parts of a person’s face or body to create the look their clients are going for.

Body Piercers can work in an independent shop-like those that you find in the mall or on the street-or in a chain store. Many chains are primarily jewelry shops and only do ear piercings. Independent shops, on the other hand, are usually connected with tattoo parlors. And, although you don’t need to be a Tattoo Artist as well as a Body Piercer, many in this profession are both.

To begin the process of piercing, you need to talk with your client. Not only do you need to figure out the basics (like what kind of ring or stud they want, and where they want it), but you also need to verify that they’re of legal age to be pierced. In addition, you need to get a waiver signed, freeing you from liability.

Once you’re both on the same page, you choose the jewelry, and then make a mark where you’ll put the needle. Your client checks to make sure the mark is on the right spot, and then you begin. You use sterilized hollow needles to make the hole, and then insert the chosen piece of jewelry, which you have also sterilized. After you’re done, you educate your client on how to keep the area clean so it won’t get infected.

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