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Boat Rental Clerk

Rent kayaks or paddle boats to folks wanting a day on the water.

What does a Boat Rental Clerk do?

As the person behind summertime memories on the water, the Boat Rental Clerk works directly with customers interested in setting sail on the open seas or inland lakes. The day is filled with sunshine, wind, and waves for the customers, and they expect the Boat Rental Clerk to be as excited as they are.

Great communication skills are necessary to become a Boat Rental Clerk. In this job, you’re responsible for telling customers about policies, safety measures, and rental agreements. Working under the Boat Rental Manager or Business Owner, you’re expected to understand and follow directions, and relate those to customers.

Whether you’re explaining the security deposit policy or adjusting a personal flotation device, you must articulate your message clearly no matter the distractions around you. Lives are at stake, and you are at least partly responsible for protecting your customers.

Being keenly detail-oriented is necessary as well. Tracking reservations, availability, returns, and financial transactions requires your attention and focus. When customers rent a boat, you oversee the completion of the necessary paperwork, offer other services, and complete the sale. Upon the customer’s return, your job then becomes to inspect the equipment for damage and eventually move it back to storage.

Physical strength and stamina are also required as a Boat Rental Clerk. You’ll likely lift and carry boats – like paddleboats, canoes, or small rowboats – and other boating equipment from one location to another. You also spend the majority of your day walking, bending, lifting, and standing, all of which require the expenditure of physical energy. You may be renting boats, but you’re selling memories that will last a lifetime.