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Board Game Designer



Think up imaginative board games.

What does a Board Game Designer do?

As a Board Game Designer, you bring new types of board games to life. Using your imagination and collaborative skills, you work with Artists, Writers, and other crafters to create the board, rules, game, box art, and pieces. Many different skills must come together to make a functioning board game, and it’s your job to weave all these different participants together into a unified project.

Nowadays, when people hear the term ” Game Designer, ” they often think of video games. But board games are alive and well, and Board Game Designers release challenging new titles all the time. To do the job well, you need to be an expert on other types of board games and the gameplay mechanics that go into them.

Will your newest game be a straight-up war game, where you need to defeat all the other players? Or will there be a cooperative element to it? Thinking creatively and making something that’s never been seen before is key to being a great Board Game Designer.

The hours and work environment for Board Game Designers vary widely. You could work in an office-style setting and have standard workweeks. Or, you could try to start your own company and run the operation out of your garage.

Either way, you’re in it for the love of games. It can be challenging work, trying to bring your vision to life. But if you have the drive and want to make the game in your head a reality, then this could be the job for you.

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