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Blow Mold Operator

Stretch molten plastic with bursts of air to create bottles and more.

What does a Blow Mold Operator do?

If you clicked on this job title, you have probably considered a job in manufacturing. You might have wondered how the plastic is formed in hollow products, such as water bottles and flashlight casings. If so, then the job of a Blow Mold Operator might interest you.

Blow mold equipment forces compressed air into plastic. At the proper temperature and pressure, that air forces the plastic into a specific shape. Similar to glass blowing, the job of a Blow Mold Operator requires an understanding of the characteristics of plastic, including how far it will stretch, how heat affects the process, and what flow rate produces the best results.

With this knowledge, as a Blow Mold Operator you take control of the machine. You constantly monitor the pressure gauges, watch for uneven heating, and focus on creating a row of uniform products. You operate the valves that control the temperature, flow, and air pressure. When the product is complete, you use saws or files to trim excess and rough spots.

Creating a series of products with the same specifications requires focus and patience. To ensure that all products are consistent, you weigh and measure them when they’re done.

In addition to molding the plastic, you’re also responsible for setting up, maintaining, and doing basic repairs on the machine. In a fast-paced manufacturing plant, that means keeping up with the recommended maintenance schedule to avoid machinery malfunctions that could result in a production shutdown.