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Blood Donor Unit Assistant

Perform supportive duties at blood-collection unit of blood bank.

What does a Blood Donor Unit Assistant do?

Performs any combination of following supportive duties at blood-collection unit of blood bank: Schedules appointments over telephone for blood donors. Interviews blood donors and records identifying and blood-credit information on registration form. Notifies nurse if donor appears to be underweight or too old to give blood. Takes blood donor’s temperature and pulse to assist during medical interview. Unpacks, labels, and stamps date on empty blood packs. Posts donor names, blood-control numbers, and donor-group numbers to unit logsheet. Seals filled blood packs and sample tubes, using handtools and heat-sealing machine. Serves refreshments, such as coffee, juice, cookies, and jelly beans, to donors to prevent or relieve adverse reactions and to begin replenishment of blood fluids.