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Blood Donor Recruiter

Contact organizations to solicit blood donations from employees or members.

What does a Blood Donor Recruiter do?

Contacts fraternal, business, and labor organizations by telephone, in person, or by mail to solicit blood donations from employees or members for nonprofit blood bank: Develops list of prospective donor groups by using organizational, professional, and industrial listings and directories. Contacts prospective donor groups to explain requirements and benefits of participation in blood donor program. Visits prospective or participating blood donor group to discuss blood program. Distributes promotional material and uses audio-visual aids to motivate groups to participate in blood-donor program. Keeps records of organizations participating in program. Arranges specific date of blood collection for blood-donor group and confirms appointment in writing. Records information for mobile blood-collection unit, such as space available, staffing required, and number of donors anticipated. Consults blood bank records to answer questions, monitor activity, or resolve problems of blood donor groups. Prepares reports of blood-donor program and recruitment activities. May identify donors with rare-type blood from blood-bank records, and telephone donors to solicit and arrange blood donation.