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Blood Bank Technologist

Collect, inspect, and deliver blood at a blood bank.

What does a Blood Bank Technologist do?

Blood Bank Technologists work at blood banks to harvest, quality check, and prepare all the blood that passes in or out of the doors of your bank. A Blood Bank Technologist is like a Bank Teller, but the currency is the life-giving liquid that flows through our veins. If you’re a Blood Bank Technologist, it’s your job to monitor transactions and make sure everything is done properly.

What that means in terms of blood is that you determine the type of blood (A, B, O, etc.), the presence of antigens, the amount of red blood cells, the potential presence of disease, and a variety of other important markers. Essentially, you’re determining who can use the blood, and how useful it will be. Put another way, you’re seeing how much it’s worth.

Because you’re dealing with so much blood, you need to be a very careful person as you’ll need to protect yourself from potentially infecting yourself or contaminating samples. This, combined with the technical nature of the tests you’ll be performing, means you can’t exactly walk into a blood bank and just fill out an application form with no experience or education (more on that below).

You also have physical responsibilities. As a Blood Bank Technologist, you are going to be the one helping Physicians perform transfusions on occasion (for surgeries and chemotherapy patients who require new/more blood). But you don’t just administer blood; you collect it. When donors come in, you are responsible for performing the pre-transfusion tests, selecting the donors and then actually drawing the blood from them.