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What does a Blogger do?

There’s a blog out there for pretty much anything you can imagine, and chances are that for most subjects there are multiple. A lot of blogs are created by people with extra time and an interest or experience in the subject they’re writing about. Others are written by people paid by companies to promote their brand.

The job of a corporate blogger is to come up with a plan for how to use a company’s blog to enhance their online presence. Keeping in mind the audience that the company wants to reach, you decide things like layout, background, and writing style. This all changes depending on who you work for. The blog of a teen magazine is going to look very different from a blog for retiring investment bankers who own boats.

Once the blog is up and running, you work to make sure it’s well maintained and getting lots of online traffic. This means you’re constantly writing new blog entries, posting relevant images or videos or responding to blog comments and generally anything to get people excited and talking about your company’s products or events. You also take care of the technical side of things and might need to fix computer bugs or make sure links to other websites are working. And you need to know how to track online traffic because this is one of the quickest ways to judge if you’re doing a good job.

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