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Blending Tank Tender Helper

Assist Blending-Tank Tender.

What does a Blending Tank Tender Helper do?

Assists BLENDING-TANK TENDER 520.685-030 by directing filling of holding tanks and performing related duties: Pulls latch of lid-locking hinge or clips metal band holding lid on barrel of juice concentrate, using clippers, to remove lid from barrel. Signals INDUSTRIAL-TRUCK OPERATOR 921.683-050 by hand to guide lifting and positioning of barrel adjacent to opening of holding tank. Manually holds barrel in contact with tank opening as barrel is tilted to dump juice concentrate into tank. Sprays inside of barrel to wash remaining concentrate into tank, using hose. Turns valve of holding tank as directed by BLENDING-TANK TENDER to open flow of concentrate into blending tank and to fill blending tank to specified capacity. Cleans residue and film from equipment and floors following processing, using waterhose, cleaning solution, brushes, and rags.