Blending-Machine Operator

Tend machines that rinse, dry, and blend cottage cheese with cream.

What does a Blending-Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that rinses and dries cottage cheese and blends it with cream to produce cream-style cottage cheese: Inserts plastic liner in tub, sprays liner interior with sterilizing fluid, and slides tub under machine discharge outlet. Signals COTTAGE-CHEESE MAKER to pump cottage cheese to machine. Presses switches and turns water valve to start machine that spreads cottage cheese into even layer, sprays cheese with refrigerated water to cool and rinse it, and squeezes cheese dry under pressure belt. Feels dried cheese to determine if specified amount of water is removed, and adjusts pressure belt, as required, using wrenches. Starts pump and turns valve to control flow of cream from refrigerated tank to auger that blends cream with cottage cheese. Observes texture of creamed cottage cheese and adjusts valve to maintain cream content at specified level. Tastes cottage cheese and reports off-flavors to management. Stops machine and closes filled tub. Blends cream and salt according to formula, using mixer, and pumps cream to refrigerated tank.