Bleach-Liquor Maker

Control mixing equipment to compound pulp bleaching solution.

What does a Bleach-Liquor Maker do?

Controls chemical reaction vats and mixing equipment to compound pulp bleaching solution, following specifications: Starts conveyor and opens valve to dump specified quantities of lime or sodium hydroxide and water into mixing tank to make lime slurry. Starts pump and turns valve to start flow of chlorine and lime slurry to chlorinating tanks. Adjusts controls to regulate temperature of solution to prevent adverse chemical reactions. Starts mixing machine in tank to mix bleaching solution. Sprinkles indicator solution on top of mixture in tank or makes titration test to determine completion of chemical reaction. Starts pumps to transfer bleach solution to storage. May control reaction cells and absorption tower in which chlorine dioxide bleaching gas is formed from calcium chlorate and sulfurous acid. May operate conveyor to remove bulk lime from railroad cars to storage bins. May connect pipe and hose lines to tank cars containing chlorine gas.