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Handle and detonate explosives for mining and demolition.

What does a Blaster do?

Nearly every boy (and most adult men) dream of blowing things up (on purpose), and getting paid for it. That dream can turn into reality when you become a Blaster. Also known as an Explosives Worker or Ordnance Handling Expert, a Blaster is responsible for all aspects of planned and controlled explosions in mining and construction operations.

By determining the strength of the explosives needed, along with the proper placement, Blasters are able to create an explosion that produces a desired outcome. For example, when mining for a particular mineral, you figure out where to place dynamite to reach the mineral’s exact location. Or when demolishing a building on a construction site, you determine where to put the explosives to create an implosion (where the materials fall onto themselves) rather than an explosion (that shoots debris away from the blast).

Before the excitement of the blast occurs though, you’re responsible for ensuring that all safety precautions are in place. Establishing a perimeter around the explosion site to keep others away is paramount for success. Acting as a Safety Officer of sorts, you wear (and enforce wearing of) safety equipment such as eye protection and a hard hat.