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Blast Furnace Keeper

Tap blast furnaces to fill ladles with molten metal.

What does a Blast Furnace Keeper do?

Taps blast furnace to fill ladles with molten metal: Drills taphole preparatory to tapping, using power hand drill. Positions splasher plate in front of taphole to prevent splashing of metal when furnace is tapped. Guides point of oxygen lance into drilled taphole to tap furnace. Opens gates and shutters to direct flow of molten iron onto runners and into ladles. Plugs taphole after ladles are filled, using mud gun. Assists other workers in breaking up and removing slag from runners, relining runners with sand, clay, and refractory mixture, and drying relined runners. Repairs or replaces defective tuyeres, blowpipes, and boshplates in furnace, using handtools.