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Bite-Block Maker

Form wax bite blocks and impression trays used by Dentists.

What does a Bite-Block Maker do?

Forms wax bite blocks and impression trays used by DENTIST 072.101-010 to take impressions of patients’ teeth and adjacent portions of jaw, using molding equipment and handtools: Softens plastic or shellac wafer shaped material, using heated press or gas burner. Spreads and shapes wafer over model of preliminary impression to form tray, using flat-bladed molding tool. Imbeds metal strip in soft material for convenience in handling. Presses soft wax over plaster model of denture to form bite block. Trims excess wax from mold and smooths surface, using knife, spatula, and gas burner. Immerses mold in water to harden wax. Trims and smooths edges and surfaces of trays and bite blocks, using bench lathe equipped with grinding and buffing wheels. Rubs finished piece with cotton to obtain lustrous finish.