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Bird Breeder



Mate birds to produce specific plumage, coloring, and body types.

What does a Bird Breeder do?

Bird buyers want happy, healthy birds that love to play instead of shying away. Birds like this come from Bird Breeders.

As a Bird Breeder, you care for the adult birds and nurture the baby birds until they’re ready to leave the nest for a loving family. You not only care for your birds, but also track their history and keep accurate records to give buyers.

You’re up bright and early with the squawking of your parrots. It’s time to feed them, clean their cages, and give your pets a birdbath. You choose the breeds you like best to raise, be they African Grey Parrots or Macaws. All your birds are raised in a cruelty-free environment with plenty of room to fly.

When it’s time to breed the birds, you choose the best in terms of health, fitness, and plumage. To increase your chances of breeding healthy, beautiful baby birds, you carefully trace the ancestry of each bird you own. Like a Genealogist, you map out the bird’s family and pair it with an appropriate mate.

When buyers come looking for birds, you show them around and produce all the paperwork about each bird. The advantage of buying from a you versus a pet store is obvious in from your birds fine looks and good breeding. Part animal lover, part Salesperson, you turn bird lovers into bird owners, and ensure they have a fine flock to choose from.

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