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Biostatistics Professor

Teach university students about biostatistics.

What does a Biostatistics Professor do?

Pulling patterns from seemingly random information is the specialty of a Biostatistics Professor. The application of statistics – gathering and analyzing numerical data – to biology results in biostatistics. Its far-reaching applications stretch into health care, medicine, and a number of other biological careers, but none of it would be possible without a trained Biostatistics Professor to teach others how it all works.

Showing others how to speak the language of data is the Biostatistics Professor’s talent. You’ve mastered the formulas, you understand the science, and you have a way with words to top it off. In the classroom, you cover all the material that students need to apply biostatistics to their future careers.

Beyond the lecturing and quiz grading that every Professor must do, you engage students and help them learn new concepts. Through creative, real-world projects and lively class discussions, you demonstrate not only what biostatistics is, but also how it’s applied to daily life. You let students test out equations on data collected by Medical Scientists, and divide the class into teams to write up reports on their findings. At first, all those numbers seem like a jumbled mess, but with your guidance, your students soon learn to see the patterns buried just under the surface.