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Biophysical Chemist



Explore the biological and chemical processes of cells.

What does a Biophysical Chemist do?

Like the mixtures you create, you aren’t one thing or the other when you’re a Biophysical Chemist. In the field of biophysical chemistry, the talents of Biologists, Physicists, and Chemists blend together into a melting pot of discovery. Focused on how systems in living organisms function at the molecular level, Biophysical Chemists conduct experiments to unlock the secrets of better healthcare and longer lives.

Parts form a whole, and by examining the individual parts, Biophysical Chemists hope to find what causes diseases – or other problems – and find cures. Whether focused on treating hair loss or lowering the side effects of a certain drug, you examine cells and substances on the microscopic level in search of answers.

Your work builds on the accomplishments of Scientists who came before you. Typically, you work with a team. Half of your time is spent in the office running calculations, and the other half is spent in the lab testing how your results stand up in actual experiments.

As a Biophysical Chemist, you won’t cure cancer overnight, but you lay the stepping stones for others to follow in your footsteps. Each breakthrough leads to new medicines and better ways to solve problems – medical or otherwise. A minor change in a formula may turn into tomorrow’s lifesaving medication.

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