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Biomass Production Manager

Produce energy from organic sources like alcohol and garbage.

What does a Biomass Production Manager do?

Biomass production is a fancy way of saying “burning waste to make fuel.” The waste being burned includes garbage, wood, human waste, alcohol fuel, and landfill gas. Biomass Production Managers oversee the whole process of turning waste into energy sources.

Like any Manager, Biomass Production Managers have the basic responsibilities of hiring, firing, writing performance reviews, and leading trainings. As a Biomass Production Manager, you create the budget for the year, keep an eye on it, and make sure your department doesn’t overspend.

One of your biggest responsibilities in this role is to write the plant’s work plan. This plan includes things like energy creation goals and arrangements for new equipment or workers. To make this plan, you need to keep in mind the skills of your workforce, the number of machines you have, and the amount and type of waste you have to work with. Most plants focus on creating energy from one source. So one plant might use wood chips and logs to make energy, and another might use food production waste for fuel. Where you work is going to dictate the number of machines, the production process, and the amount of energy that gets made in a day.

This job also involves a lot of report writing. You keep track of how things are going at the plant, and adjust the overall work plan as needed. You also give detailed reports to your higher-ups to keep them posted on how things are going.