Biomass Plant Manager

Operate a facility that produces fuel from organic sources.

What does a Biomass Plant Manager do?

Because of fears that coal reserves will run out well before the end of humankind, we’ve gotten creative about alternative ways to create energy. The process of turning animal fat, vegetable oils, fermented grains, and recycled grease into usable fuels has become big business. To produce these biofuels, a processing facility is needed. And to ensure flawless operations, that facility employs a Biomass Plant Manager.

It’s the Biomass Plant Manager’s job to make sure everything runs smoothly, and, when it doesn’t, to deal with the situation. Whether it’s an equipment malfunction, a missed delivery timeline, or an issue with employees, as the Biomass Plant Manager, you’re the person in charge.

Factories that process biofuels rely on a variety of high-tech machines. That leaves a lot of potential for problems, so you schedule regular maintenance and keep Technicians on speed dial to fix machines in a pinch.

In addition to the equipment, you’re in charge of the employees. They look to you to mentor, motivate, and evaluate them. That means you conduct interviews, hire new employees, and provide training. It also means you deal with interpersonal squabbles, discipline, and firing of employees when necessary.

And then there’s the paperwork. In a managerial position, everyone wants to know what you’re up to, so you fill out forms, complete reports, and submit work logs to upper management and governmental agencies. In your spare time, you create and evaluate budgets, develop production goals, order supplies, and coordinate shipments.