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Biological Photographer



Photograph biological and allied phenomena for illustration purposes.

What does a Biological Photographer do?

Photographs medical, biological, and allied phenomena to provide illustrations for scientific publications, records, and research and teaching activities: Makes still and motion picture reproductions of patients, anatomical structures, gross and microscopic specimens, plant and animal tissues, and physiological and pathological processes. Makes copies of x rays and similar materials, utilizing photographic techniques, such as time-lapse and ultraspeed pictures, and ultraviolet or infrared light to produce visible record of normally invisible phenomena. Processes photosensitive materials to make transparencies, lantern slides, photomontages, and color prints. Engages in research activities related to biological photography and presentation of scientific data. May design special equipment and processing formulas. May specialize in a particular technique, such as cinematography, color photography, or photomicrography. May specialize in a particular field, such as medicine, and be designated Medical Photographer.

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