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Bioinformatics Software Engineer

Bioinformatics Software Engineer


Create software that organizes huge amounts of genetic information.

What does a Bioinformatics Software Engineer do?

If your idea of a riveting read is a pile of literature on the Human Genome Project, then the job of Bioinformatics Software Engineer is right up your alley. That’s because, if you’re a Bioinformatics Software Engineer, you spend your days collating information about the genetic make-up of humans, and creating software that organizes it. That might sound like shuffling paper from one pile to another, but it’s actually a pivotal step in understanding how the human body works.

With an understanding of cellular activity, Scientists can create medicines and new treatment techniques for a variety of illnesses. Your role as Bioinformatics Software Engineer is to facilitate that process. You do that by creating computer software that analyzes huge amounts of data on genetics research. You throw around algorithms over lunch, while you contemplate what programming the computer will need in order to provide the output you’re looking for.

Then you work with Software Programmer to write the code (or computer language) for the software. This requires you to understand the principles of engineering and also the specifics of computer coding.

Once you’ve designed the software and written the code, the testing process begins. This is where you find out what problems there are, and rewrite the code to fix them. After several more rounds of testing, the software is ready to be implemented.

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