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Biofuels Product Development Manager

Implement strategies for creating and distributing biofuels.

What does a Biofuels Product Development Manager do?

Whether it’s a new toy, a new computer, or a new car, the Product Development Manager is the brains behind its birth. A Biofuels Product Development Manager is no different. It just so happens that their “product” of choice is alternative energy — in particular, biofuels, which are renewable energy sources like ethanol and biodiesel that are made from organic matter, such as corn, algae, and even the used vegetable oil from fast food restaurants.

Along with Biofuel Engineers, Biofuels Product Development Managers typically work for universities, government agencies, and private energy companies, where it’s their job to oversee the process of creating biofuels. This involves everything from the initial idea (deciding what type of biofuel to make) to its production (choosing the principles, processes, and equipment with which to manufacture the biofuel) to its eventual delivery (branding, marketing, and distributing the biofuel). Basically, the biofuel is a child, and as the Biofuels Product Development Manager, you’re its parent, raising it from birth to maturity.

To that end, Product Development Managers often play the role of Project Manager, charged with supervisory tasks like planning, delegating, managing, scheduling, and budgeting. Because your product is so scientific, however, you’ve got to be a lot more than a Manager; you’ve also got to be an Engineer, capable of understanding the processes behind biofuel production so that you can research, revise, and refine them. After all, your goal as a Biofuels Product Development Manager isn’t just creating energy; it’s creating energy that’s cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient than traditional fossil fuels — and that requires you to be equal parts Scientist and Supervisor!