Bindery-Machine Setter

Set up machines that automatically perform one or more bindery operations.

What does a Bindery-Machine Setter do?

Sets up machine or machines that automatically perform one or more bindery operations, such as folding, cutting, gathering, stitching or gluing, following blueprint or job specifications, and using measuring instruments and handtools: Installs and adjusts machine knives, side guiders, feed guides, holding clamps, pockets, rollers, specified jogging tray at discharge end of machines, and other machine parts to accommodate sheets, signatures, or books of specified size. Turns dials to required graduations to set grippers and gripper feelers according to thickness of signatures or flat sheets being gathered. Secures reel of stitching wire on spindle of stitching heads and threads wire through feeding, cutting, stitch forming, and driving mechanisms. Positions and clamps stitching heads on crossarm to space stitches as specified. Turns thumbscrews and handwheels to adjust length of stitches and tension on creasing blades and folding rollers according to thickness of pages to be stitched or sheet size and number of folds specified. Adjusts cams and other mechanisms to synchronize speed of automatic feeding devices and stitching. Fills glue pot and adjusts flow of glue and speed of conveyors. Starts machines and makes trial runs to verify accuracy of machine setup. Observes operation to detect machine malfunctions and makes adjustments as required. May maintain machinery in operating condition. May train workers to set up, operate, and use automatic bindery machines. May oversee work of BINDERY-MACHINE FEEDER-OFFBEARER 653.686-026. May be classified according to name of machine as Folding-Machine Setter; Gathering-Machine Setter; Perfect-Binder Setter; Stitching-Machine Setter.