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Binder Technician

Tend machines that mix binder fluid to produce fiberglass mats.

What does a Binder Technician do?

Tends machine that mixes binder fluid used in production of fiberglass sliver or mats: Weighs and measures ingredients according to formula and pours or dumps ingredients into mixing vats. Turns valve to start flow of water and steam into vats and starts portable or power mixer to agitate ingredients for specified time. Observes temperature charts and thermometers to determine if specified temperature is maintained. Turns valve to increase flow of steam or water to regulate temperature of mixture or notifies supervisor of excessive temperatures. Dips beaker into vat to obtain sample of binder fluid and delivers sample to testing room. Obtains test results and adds ingredients according to instructions or turns valve to start flow of binder fluid into specified circulatory tank. Cleans mixing vats, mixers, and other equipment, using water and cloths. Records number of batches mixed, ingredients used, gallons mixed, gallons lost, and net gallons mixed for inventory and production records.