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Billing Coordinator



Interact with customers or vendors so money gets where it needs to go.

What does a Billing Coordinator do?

A Billing Coordinator works between clients and companies to make sure money gets where it needs to go. As a Billing Coordinator, you’re in charge of sending invoices and keeping records of payments. Accuracy and organization are your sword and shield when picking up the phone.

The job of a Billing Coordinator involves more than just totaling up figures. You deal directly with clients who have received services, making sure they are charged the correct amount and can pay you the money owed. The difference between you and an ordinary Accountant is that you interact with customers or vendors on a day-to-day basis.

A lot of companies need to bill clients, so you can choose the environment you want to work in. Your job takes place in an office, but the type is up to you. Law firms, construction companies, and hospitals all need your ability to work with money and people.

Your skill is a double-edged sword. You have to keep to formulaic structure when writing invoices, but you may need to get creative when trying to get some people to make their payments. If you’ve ever lent a few bucks to your best friend, you know that you have to be strong-willed if you ever want to get it back. You can’t be afraid to talk about money, even if the customer is.

Negotiating bills can put people in a sour mood, but good communication means the difference in keeping a customer. If you remain calm and organized, you’ll be able to make their last experience with the company a good one.

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