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Bilingual Case Manager

Connect non-English-speaking patients with medical or social services.

What does a Bilingual Case Manager do?

A Bilingual Case Manager bridges the gap between employees and patients who speak different languages. Bilingual Case Managers often speak English and choose Spanish, French, or Chinese as their second language.

As a Bilingual Case Manager, you undertake the same responsibilities as other Case Managers. You oversee Nurses, Therapists, or Social Workers in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, and even homeless shelters.

Case management involves dividing patients between employees so no one feels overworked and patients don’t feel rushed during their treatment or counseling sessions. You also coordinate with community organizations to provide resources and information to your visitors. At a homeless shelter, for example, you might refer people to food banks or career centers within the city.

While workers report to you, you report to the Program Director. Together, you find ways to improve your current programs and start new ones that could help your patients. This could be a new method of recording data to prevent errors, or a better way to track patients’ medications.

The majority of your day is spent in the office, adding new patients to the database, assigning patients to employees, and reviewing employee performance. Without ever leaving your desk, you create positive changes in the lives of others. Best of all, you offer those who speak a foreign language the chance to interact and receive the help they need.