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Bicycle Patrolman

Scout the streets for crime using a bike as transportation.

What does a Bicycle Patrolman do?

Like most Police Officers, a Bicycle Patrolman’s main job is to prevent crime, and protect people and their property. Unlike most Police Officers though, a Bicycle Patrolman does all of this on a two-wheeled, man-powered vehicle.

It goes without saying that this is a physical job. As a Bicycle Patrolman, you’re on your bike for the vast majority of your workday. You may issue citations to other cyclists, as well as to vehicle Drivers, who run red lights or commit other infractions.

Sometimes, or perhaps often, people don’t want these citations, and they may attempt to flee. You’ll need to call on those quads of iron to chase them down and give them the citations they deserve.

Since you’re on your bike, it’s easy for people to stop you and talk to you. At times, you may have to stop frequently to listen to complaints or provide directions to lost tourists. You may also be asked to talk about bike laws and bike safety at schools and community events.

Paperwork won’t be entirely avoidable in your Bike Patrolman job. You write incident reports, crime scene reports, and citation reports. From time to time, you may have to testify in court about crimes and their perpetrators. Sometimes, you’re the first person on scene when a crime occurs, and you may be required to secure the scene and collect evidence.