Bias Cutting Machine Operator

Operate machines to cut cloth for use as bias tape or binding.

What does a Bias Cutting Machine Operator do?

Operates machine to cut tubular cloth into narrow widths for use as bias tape or binding: Positions roll of cloth on shaft or truck of flat-folded cloth on stand at feeding end of machine. Places tubes on takeup roller. Turns setscrew to space circular knives on cutting shaft according to width specified for tape. Pulls open end of tubular cloth over arm of machine, under guide bars, through feed rollers, and under rotary knives. Laps ends of bias-cut cloth around tubes. Depresses pedal to start, stop, and control speed of machine and guides cloth under guide bars and through feed rollers to cut cloth on bias. Removes rolls of bias tape or binding from machine. May wrap rolls in paper for storage or shipment.