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Cut specifically-angled edges into wood, glass, or metal materials.

What does a Beveler do?

Sometimes, perpendicular angles are simply boring. When a piece of wood, glass, or metal has an edge cut at a slight angle, that angled edge is called a bevel. Bevelers make these angled cuts all day long.

Most Bevelers work with glass, but they may also work with metal, plastic, or wood. As a Beveler, you’ll likely work with the same raw material each day. You’re given a set of specifications, telling you how the material should be cut, and you follow these instructions carefully. You may use either a sophisticated machine or hand tools to make these cuts.

When the bevels are complete, you sand off rough edges using a file or sandpaper. Then you carefully measure the cuts you’ve made to ensure that they fit the requirements you’ve been given.

At times, you work with very small pieces that you’re able to hold in your hands. Other times, you handle incredibly large pieces, and you’ll need to use a crane to move them from place to place.

You’ll learn to think of your tools as an extension of your body. Without your tools, you’re unable to do your job properly. You’ll likely spend all of your spare time taking care of these tools.

If you use a large machine to make your cuts, you inspect it for wear, keep it oiled, and call in Technicians if you spot a problem that requires repair. If you use hand tools, you keep them sharpened and well oiled.

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