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Best Boy



Serve as the right-hand person for Riggers or Electricians on a film set.

What does a Best Boy do?

Best Boy is a term used in the film industry, and can either refer to the Best Boy Electric, or Best Boy Grip. Here’s a little history for you: Harkening back to jolly old England, the “Best Boy” was the master’s best apprentice. In the film industry, a lot of the old craft making and trade structure has been preserved through tradition. The name “Best Boy” has stuck with the best helper of some Department Heads.

Specifically, the Best Boy Electric is the assistant to the Gaffer (the head of the electrical department), on a film or television set. The Best Boy Grip is the assistant to the Key Grip, or head of all Grips on a film set.

In either department, you are the right-hand man (or woman) of your Department Head. You typically take care of the paperwork for the department, inventory equipment, and report departmental doings to the Unit Production Manager. If the head of your department is sick or occupied, you are next in line to step up as boss.

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