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Bereavement Coordinator



Link grieving people to services that can help them cope.

What does a Bereavement Coordinator do?

Grieving is an automatic, natural reaction to the death of a loved one. And Bereavement Coordinators turn that pain into peace so the deceased person’s family and friends can move on.

Bereavement Coordinators connect with a wide network of professionals who offer counseling services and other forms of support to the grief-stricken. As a Bereavement Coordinator, you help schedule appointments and deal with any related paperwork, so the family doesn’t have to.

Think of yourself as a Grief Counselor. You help families deal with their grief and move on by guiding them towards acceptance. In your day-to-day work, you meet with and comfort families, while referring them to a Counselor or non-profit organization that can offer further support services.

The services you choose to provide all depend on the family members. One family member might seek out one-on-one therapy sessions, while another might prefer to join a support group. Children find the grieving process especially confusing, and may need specialized counseling to understand what has happened. You find each person the best resources that meet the specific coping methods they require.

Your work is important because everybody grieves and cries out for support at some point in their life. It’s not a problem or a weakness. It’s simply a natural feeling, and one that’s easier to cope with when a person gets the support they need.

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