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Benefits Analyst

Serve as employees' go-to person when it comes to benefits.

What does a Benefits Analyst do?

What’s the bottom line when accepting a job? The compensation package, or the wages and benefits. Benefits Analysts work in the human resources department, and know the ins and outs of the company’s benefit plans and policies. Benefits Analysts work with the company’s vendors (like health insurance companies), process benefit claims from employees, and field their questions.

For example, when Jane in accounting has a question about maternity leave, she turns to you, the Benefits Analyst. When John in marketing gets married and needs to add his wife to his insurance coverage, you’re the go-to person. And when the CEO is looking for ways to save money on employee benefits, you give recommendations on where changes can be made.

New employee orientation includes an overview of the company’s benefit package, and you provide that information. Public speaking should not leave you shaking in your shoes, as presentations to groups of employees (from the Maintenance Workers to the executive team) are required. Critical thinking is also important since you’ll field questions and are expected to have the answers.

Knowledge of federal employment policies is helpful as you ensure that the company is in compliance with programs such as the Family Medical Leave Act. Violating these policies can result in large penalties for your company. Processing insurance-related paperwork is also required, so be prepared for paper cuts and copier paper jams. Both are inevitable.