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Bench Worker



Tend machines that wind, shape, or finish coiled and flat springs.

What does a Bench Worker do?

Tends machines that wind, shape, or finish coiled and flat springs or wire forms to specifications: Positions metal or wire blanks or coiled spring on jig press. Depresses pedal to lower shaping die that stamps out spring forms, or crimps, hooks, or loops ends of coiled springs. Presses and turns spring ends against rotating abrasive wheel to remove burs. Drills and taps holes in flat springs, using single-spindle drill press. Feeds wire through guides and onto mandrel of lathe-type automatic coil-winding machine that coils series of springs on mandrel. Cuts lead-in wire, using handcutters, and removes mandrel. Slides loop of flat metal stock over arbor of power-driven spring winder and starts machine to wind metal around arbor to form coiled-flat springs. Places retaining ring over wound spring to prevent unwinding. Measures springs for conformance to specifications, using gauges and micrometers. Inserts springs into holding device of double-disk grinder and places holding device between grinding wheels. Starts machine that automatically grinds spring ends. Removes springs. May be designated according to task performed as Automatic-Coil-Winding-Machine Operator; Double-End-Production Grinder.

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