Bench Loom Weaver

Form wire screens used for partitions, draining racks and window guards.

What does a Bench Loom Weaver do?

Forms wire screens used for partitions, draining racks, and window guards, using bench loom: Reviews specifications to determine quantity, type and size wire required, and obtains wire from storage area. Measures and cuts wire to specified lengths, using ruler and wire cutters. Inserts ends of warp wires in heddles and positions and secures opposite ends on bench with heavy iron bar. Depresses pedal to raise and lower alternate warp wires. Slides shoot wire between warp wires and pulls it into position manually. Measures position of shoot wire with ruler to ensure specified and even spacing. Depresses pedal to reverse warp wires, secure inserted shoot wire, and prepare for next shoot wire. Removes finished screen from bench loom and stacks it for pickup. May measure diameter of wire, using micrometer, to verify size of wire. May operate machine that cuts and crimps wires used in weaving wire screens. May trim edges of finished flat wire screens, using power shears.