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Bench Grinder

Move metal objects against bench grinder's abrasive wheel to grind objects.

What does a Bench Grinder do?

Moves metal objects, such as castings, billets, machine parts, sheet metal subassemblies, or arrowheads, against abrasive wheel of bench grinder to grind, smooth, or rough-finish objects to specifications: Clamps workpiece in workholder or jig, or holds it in hands, and feeds it against rotating grinding wheel to remove excess metal, scratches, or burs. Examines or measures workpiece for conformance to standards. Guides dressing tool across wheel to true surface. Replaces worn wheels, using wrench. May position workpiece in automatic feed mechanism. May select and mount abrasive wheels of different grit size to grinder to obtain specified finish on workpiece. May start pump and direct coolant flow against wheel.