Belt-Press Operator II

Tend platen presses under the direction of Belt-Press Operator I.

What does a Belt-Press Operator II do?

Tends section of single- or double-deck platen press to cure rubber transmission and conveyor belting under direction of BELT-PRESS OPERATOR I 553.362-010, working as crewmember: Positions guide stops in press to cure belting to specified thickness and width. Sprays press with solution to prevent adherence to belt during cure. Helps crew pull belt from roll onto press. Lifts empty roll shell onto windup rack and adjusts guides and speed of windup as belt goes onto roll after cure. Adjusts knives to trim rind from belt. May guide belt over pricker roll prior to going into windup after cure. May signal OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to lift and position belt rolls from windup rack to storage area.