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Belt Conveyor Drier

Tend equipment that extrude and dry compressed yeast.

What does a Belt Conveyor Drier do?

Tends equipment that extrudes and dries compressed yeast to make bakers’ active dry yeast: Dumps compressed yeast into hopper of extruding machine. Observes temperature indicator and moisture gauges on drier, and sets controls to maintain prescribed temperature and humidity in drier. Starts extruder that forms yeast into noodles and deposits them onto conveyor belt that carries yeast noodles through drier. Collects yeast samples from conveyor at specified locations in drier, submits samples to laboratory for analysis, and adjusts temperature and humidity of drier on basis of laboratory report. Connects mill to hopper outlet to grind dried yeast to specified fineness. Opens outlet of drier or mill hopper to fill containers. Weighs containers and records weight. Transfers containers to storage, using lift truck.