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Belt Builder

Build up plies of rubberized fabric and gum.

What does a Belt Builder do?

Builds up plies of rubberized fabric and gum to fabricate transmission and conveyor belts: Pulls fabric and gum plies of specified width onto table from rolls on letoff rack and aligns edge with previously laid ply. Cuts ply to length with scissors and bonds plies together, using rollers and stitchers. Builds up specified number of plies and trims irregular edges with scissors or knife. Splices belting to obtain specified belt. Inserts end of finished belt between pressure rollers that bond plies and roll belt onto windup rack. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to lift and position rolls of stock and belting in work area. Measures finished belts with ruler and gauges for conformance to blueprints. May operate calender machine that coats and feeds plies direct to building table [CALENDER OPERATOR, FOUR-ROLL].