Bellows Tester

Examine thermostat bellows for conformance to established standards.

What does a Bellows Tester do?

Inspects and tests thermostat bellows for conformance to established standards, using test stand and charts: Examines bellows for surface defects, such as dents, cracks, or pits. Inserts bulb end of bellows assembly into dry ice to lower temperature of liquid in bulb to below zero. Connects bellows assembly to fitting on test stand. Turns dial on test stand to indicate zero reading. Removes bellows assembly from dry ice and inserts bulb end into tank of water heated to specified temperature. Reads test stand gauge to ensure expansion height of liquid in bellows conforms to specifications. Rejects bellows if defects exceed established standards or tags bellows for rework. Maintains records of bellows tested and rejected from each lot.