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Usher hotel guests to their rooms.

What does a Bellhop do?

Bellhops work at large hotels, particularly in the area of guest services. As a Bellhop, you have several jobs, but perhaps the most important is that of Greeter. In this role, you serve as the face of the hotel you work for, and can leave a lasting impression on guests.

After greeting hotel guests, you lead them to their rooms while carrying their luggage. When you’re not greeting guests-or saying farewell-you assist them with their every need. Bellhops spend a lot of their time (and score a lot of their tips) fetching items that guests need, and helping them with odd jobs.

Additionally, you may find yourself helping out at the front desk, accompanying handicapped persons to their rooms, and providing information to anyone who has questions about the surrounding area, what to do in town, and so on. For upscale hotels, you may also be in charge of checking the guest’s room before he or she enters, making sure that everything is carried out to the given specifications.

To do well in this job, you need a friendly personality and a certain degree of physical fitness, as you’ll be hauling luggage during much of your shift, and standing on your feet for long periods of time. You should be quick and reliable, have excellent communication skills, and be accommodating at all times, even when dealing with difficult guests.

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