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Bell Spinner

Operate spinning lathes to spin and clean musical instrument bells.

What does a Bell Spinner do?

Operates spinning lathe to spin and clean musical instrument bells: Bolts bell-shaped mandrel onto lathe and positions and locks bell on mandrel. Starts bell rotating and positions forming tool in holding device. Holds and moves forming tool along bell, applying pressure to form bell to shape of mandrel. Holds cutting tool against spinning bell to trim bell to size. Removes tarnish and scale from bell, using file, chisel, and emery cloth. Holds scraping tool against bell head to remove excess solder. Holds bead tool against bell to roll edge back, forming bead cavity. May burnish bell with burnishing tool. May insert wire into bead cavity and close cavity with bead tool. May be designated according to instrument as Bell Spinner, Sousaphones.