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Bell Maker



Lay out patterns and shape sheet metals into bells and bell necks.

What does a Bell Maker do?

Lays out pattern and shapes sheet metal into brass-wind instrument bells and bell necks, using templates, machine tools, handtools, and blueprints: Traces pattern of bell onto metal, using scribe and template or blueprint. Cuts out bell blank, using hand or power shears. Hammers blank over bell-shaped mandrel, and butts seam, using notching tool. Brazes seam, using torch. Smooths seam, using hammer or file. Operates draw bench or arbor press equipped with expandable lead plug to shape and smooth bell and bell neck over mandrel. Operates spinning lathe to spin bell head and to form bead at tip of bell head [BELL SPINNER]. Anneals previously shaped bell necks, using hand torch to soften metal for further bending. Removes scratches from bell, using abrasive-coated cloth. May be designated by instrument as Bell Maker, Sousaphones.

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