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Behavioral Health Consultant



Assess patients for signs of behavioral problems.

What does a Behavioral Health Consultant do?

Behavioral Health Consultants are mirrors showing others the state of their own behavioral health. As a Behavioral Health Consultant, you meet with individuals for one-on-one counseling sessions, or work at a business to help improve employee performance.

Often, companies hire a Behavioral Health Consultant to improve productivity in the workplace or to choose the right candidate from a pool of potential employees. Police Officers and other law enforcement professionals in particular seek your advice on screening candidates who wish to join the force. You look for signs of aggression or other character traits that would not work well in that particular career field.

To help companies motivate their workers, you hold seminars or short lessons on evaluating current performance and finding areas for improvement. Poor communication skills or a lack of teamwork can sabotage a project. After a few hours with you, employees know more about efficient communication and project management.

You also counsel individuals, just as a Psychologist does. Often, Behavioral Health Consultants are part of an organization that includes Therapists, Social Workers, and other people-focused professionals. You might perform a health evaluation on a patient and then refer them to a Psychiatrist within your company.

Much of your day is spent talking with your clients, either in the privacy of an office or in a conference room meeting. You help others find the tools and motivation they need to overcome obstacles and start moving forward in life or at work.

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