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Behavior Management Specialist



Support and counsel people with disabilities or behavioral problems.

What does a Behavior Management Specialist do?

Behavior Management Specialists deal with individuals who may have a disability or behavior problem. If you’re a Behavior Management Specialist, you counsel clients and create behavior management programs for them to follow. Often you’ll work with children who suffer from behavioral problems ranging from stubbornness and throwing tantrums to problems such as ADD or autism. In adults, you might provide continuing care for those with mental disorders, or work with patients who have reoccurring behavioral problems, such as those who are prone to violent alcoholism.

Think of a Behavior Management Specialist as a helping hand for an overwhelmed parent or Caretaker whose child or charge acts out or behaves inappropriately. Certain odd behaviors may result from an upsetting situation in the person’s life, or even from a mental or physical problem. As a Behavior Management Specialist you identify the cause of the problem and treat it in a positive way.

On the job, you work with others on your team to track patient progress and instruct the staff on what actions to take next. You set up counseling and treatment programs, but may need help from the rest of the staff to deal with large numbers of patients. When the patient (or their parent, depending on the patient’s age), needs to talk, you listen and answer their questions. They might want to know more about the treatment program, or their child may be acting up and they need advice on the best way to respond.

Each day you’ll meet new patients, talk with current patients, and read through records and notes to see how each person is progressing. If necessary you’ll recommend changes to a current treatment program to achieve better results.

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