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Beer Sommelier



Teach customers about the best beer and food pairings.

What does a Beer Sommelier do?

Professional snobbery isn’t just for wine experts anymore. Interest in craft beers is on the rise, and there’s a new, rare job to go along with it: the Beer Sommelier.

As a Beer Sommelier, yes, you get to drink a lot of beer; but being a Beer Sommelier is nothing like hanging out in a frat house. For one, you won’t be drinking any of that cheap, mass-produced beer. And you’ll need to stay sober as you learn about the complex science of malts, hops, and yeasts.

With your extensive knowledge, you’ll help customers pair beer with food. Based on the spicy notes in a locally brewed ale or the creamy quality of an imported stout, you’ll make suggestions that will bring out the flavors in various dishes. You can even pair beers with cheese or chocolate for special tasting events, encouraging people to slow down and appreciate the complex, delightful qualities of a beverage that’s not usually considered gourmet.

Your expertise will also help ensure that beer makes it from the brewery to the customer’s mouth with its full flavor intact. The temperature at which it’s stored, the equipment used at the bar, the way the glass is cleaned, and the angle at which it’s poured all affect the quality of the beverage. With all of your advanced knowledge on the subject, maybe you can finally convince your mom that beer is not just for slackers.

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