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Offer hairstyling, makeup, and mani/pedi services.

What does a Beautician do?

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but as a Beautician, you ensure every eye sees your work as a masterpiece.

Beauticians make others look like they’re at the top of their game with their hairstyle, makeup, and manicure techniques. Beauticians can choose a specialty or mix-and-match skills from all three areas of cosmetology to bring a rosy glow to their clients’ cheeks and add a little more shine to their happening hairdo.

Your workday at the salon or boutique starts with a quick cleanup of your station and a spray down to ensure all your tools are sanitized. The first client walks in the door, and you make the magic happen. For new clients, it all starts not with a haircut or a new lipstick, but with a couple of minutes spent getting to know them. What’s their hair type? Skin type? Do they like high- or low-maintenance looks?

After you’ve built a virtual client profile in your head, then you can whip out your tools and go to work. Hairstylist deal with cutting and fixing hair, Makeup Artists focus on foundation and colorful makeup products, and Manicurists paint fingernails and toenails.

Part art and part science, your job requires that you know what looks best on each and every client. You combine these nuggets of wisdom with your flair for style and passion for color. Choosing the perfect palette for a room is one thing, but finding a color palette for a person takes a personal touch that only you can give.