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Beater and Pulper Feeder

Feed scrap paper or wood chips into beater tanks for grinding.

What does a Beater and Pulper Feeder do?

Feeds scrap paper or wood chips into beater tanks for grinding into furnish used in making paper, roofing felt, or related products: Conveys bales of scrap paper, fillers, starch, and chemicals to beater room, using forklift truck or handtruck. Opens bales and dumps paper and fillers into beater tanks. Observes scrap paper and discards plastic or other insoluble items into trash bin. Stacks bales of scrap paper and sacks of chemicals onto conveyor of pulper machine, using forklift truck. Sweeps and cleans work area. May open valves to drain furnish from beater tanks into storage units. May clean equipment screens, blades, and interior surfaces, using brushes, broom, and cleaning solutions.