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Add artistic beadwork to a variety of products.

What does a Beadworker do?

In the same way that a few well-placed sequins or ruffles can speak volumes about the garment wearer, beads can really make an article of clothing pop. A Beadworker wholeheartedly believes in this little fashion gem. In fact, if you’re a Beadworker, you base your entire career on it! Beadworkers are Artists who use beads to create designs on everything from leather shoes to necklaces to earrings.

The only limit to what you can create is your own imagination. You might decide to spend one day adding beads to a leather purse, and the next stringing a bead bracelet. You could work for a specific client, like an individual or a boutique, or you might independently sell your wares.

Even where you work is up to you. You could create a website to sell your products if you want, or you could visit craft fairs in the area and sell to clients you meet there.

Like any artistic job, it can be difficult to make it big in this one. You should expect to work hard and do a lot of networking in order to get your products to the right clients so you can start really charging the big bucks. The upside to this is you decide how much time and effort to invest in this job. You might decide to do beadwork as a side job, or you might try and create the pieces people find in national stores, like Anthropologie or Target.