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Batch Plant Operator



Keep concrete batches mixing and matched up to your customers' orders.

What does a Batch Plant Operator do?

Batch Plant Operators are in charge of the quality assurance portion of batch plants, which are factories responsible for whipping up batches of ready-mix concrete. As a Batch Plant Operator, you oversee the mixing process, ensure that the batch meets the customer’s order, and check the batch against specifications and regulations on the requirements of each concrete type.

On a typical workday as a Batch Plant Operator, you monitor the constant activity inside the factory. Workers rush to and fro, operating machines and mixing up concrete like master Chefs. Though you wouldn’t want to eat it, concrete still follows a strict recipe, requiring specific preparation times and ingredients. Your understanding of the various concrete recipes helps you check each batch for accuracy.

Though you may inspect machines and report problems to the maintenance crew, you don’t work with the machines directly. Instead, you take on a managerial role, assigning job duties and providing quality assurance checks. Once the concrete is shipped to the customer, you sign delivery slips to verify that it made it and that the customer approved the order. Customer satisfaction is what keeps you in business.

In between checking and signing off on deliveries, you take stock of your current materials and order new supplies as needed. A homeowner won’t be very happy if you have to delay the concrete for her new patio because you forgot to order enough cement. It’s your leadership that keeps the concrete flowing.

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